In the beginning…


I would like to use this introductory post to outline what my blog will be about and what any readers can expect. I’d like to set a tone and give a flavour of what this will all be about but the truth is that I really don’t know yet. I love reading other peoples blogs and so I attempted blogging myself about two years ago. I loved it at first- was so excited to get some followers and also to read the comments they left. But then I just became so frustrated with it. I couldn’t get it to resemble the vision I had in my head. My layout was wrong, my pictures were inadequate and my posts were forced. It didn’t reflect me, the remit I had set was far too narrow and I felt it all lacked creativity and humour.

 So here I am again. Starting over. With no limits and only a vague plan to combine a beauty blog with a positivity and lifestyle blog in a random way. It will be a work in progress for the duration of its existence and, while I can’t be sure that it will ever make a valuable contribution to the blogosphere, I hope it has a positive affect on my life.


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