Places to See

I’ve been doing a little daydreaming today about places I want to see before I die and I thought I’d do a little inspiration post about them. This is my way of recording them so that I don’t forget!

So, in no particular order…

The Grand Canyon

Ever since I read Bill Brysons description of this landmark I’ve been determined to view it for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever been truly in awe of landsape so I’m hoping the Canyon will someday change that.

Las Vegas

Deep inside me there is an inner chav who just wants to marry in a Casino chapel and spend the night playing poker!

The Lake District

I want to visit the Lake district and spend a weekend reading Wordsworth and pretending to be cultural!

Disneyland, California

Who wouldn’t want to go to the happiest place on Earth!

Taj Mahal

I’ve wanted to see this since primary school when we were learning about the Seven Wonders of the World. I just think it’s exceptionally beautiful and so serene looking.

Canada Land

I’m not exactly sure why my heart is set on this but it is!

Niagara Falls

I’ll get there some day!



Tagging on Sunday

I saw this tag floating around the blogosphere and thought it was interesting so I’ve decided to do it too.

8 TV Shows I Love
Home and Away
Grey’s Anatomy
The Good Wife
Coronation Street
Fair City
7&8 will have to be filled in later. I don’t watch that much TV!
8 Favourite Places to Eat
Il Padrinos
Great Wall
Little Caesers
The Bank
8 Things to Look Forward To
 1D concert
Garth Brooks concerts- hopefully!
Changing my hair colour
Reaching my goal of running 5km!
Bridesmaid Events!
Summer (hopefully with sunshine)
New clothes when I have slimmed down!
New Script album on the way!
8 Things on my Wishlist
A size 8 figure!
Hourglass Diffused Light
River Island Heels
Michael Kors bag
Hourglass Nude Femme Stylo
Nars Creamy Concealer
Chanel Foundation
Hourglass Brow Pencil
8 words/Phrases I use a Lot
Is it Friday yet?
Longest day ever!
8 Things I have Learnt from the Past
Trust yourself and your instincts
All things pass- its darkest before dawn
Time soothes all wounds but some hurts never heal
Stability is an illusion- Life is unpredictable
Secrets might aswell be chains
You are never truly blameless
There is no such thing as luck- just the rewards of hard work
Embrace Happiness.
8 Things I love about Winter
Snuggling in front of a fire
Christmas decorations and songs
Christmas presents!
Buying a new winter coat
Hot water bottles
Scarves, gloves and hats!