Tagging on Sunday

I saw this tag floating around the blogosphere and thought it was interesting so I’ve decided to do it too.

8 TV Shows I Love
Home and Away
Grey’s Anatomy
The Good Wife
Coronation Street
Fair City
7&8 will have to be filled in later. I don’t watch that much TV!
8 Favourite Places to Eat
Il Padrinos
Great Wall
Little Caesers
The Bank
8 Things to Look Forward To
 1D concert
Garth Brooks concerts- hopefully!
Changing my hair colour
Reaching my goal of running 5km!
Bridesmaid Events!
Summer (hopefully with sunshine)
New clothes when I have slimmed down!
New Script album on the way!
8 Things on my Wishlist
A size 8 figure!
Hourglass Diffused Light
River Island Heels
Michael Kors bag
Hourglass Nude Femme Stylo
Nars Creamy Concealer
Chanel Foundation
Hourglass Brow Pencil
8 words/Phrases I use a Lot
Is it Friday yet?
Longest day ever!
8 Things I have Learnt from the Past
Trust yourself and your instincts
All things pass- its darkest before dawn
Time soothes all wounds but some hurts never heal
Stability is an illusion- Life is unpredictable
Secrets might aswell be chains
You are never truly blameless
There is no such thing as luck- just the rewards of hard work
Embrace Happiness.
8 Things I love about Winter
Snuggling in front of a fire
Christmas decorations and songs
Christmas presents!
Buying a new winter coat
Hot water bottles
Scarves, gloves and hats!

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