Food for the Soul No. 4

I had the loveliest most relaxing weekend! I did a little shopping, ate good food, saw a good movie, drank good wine and appreciated good weather 🙂 It’s so rare for me to have time like that that is just for me and I really savoured every moment of it. I feel far more relaxed than I have for a long time and, though I know this relaxation is likely to be fleeting, I intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

In honour of my wonderful weekend I thought I’d post some happy thoughts. It’s good to smile on a Sunday evening!



Couch to 5km- Officially a Graduate!

I’m a little late in posting this but… I graduated from the C25K programme!

I completed a 5Km run on the 22nd of February by taking part in the Operation Transformation fun run in Blarney. It was a truly fab experience.I was so delighted to be able to run the whole thing and so completely proud of myself afterwards. I did it in 35 minutes which wasn’t a bad performance for my first go at it and I have since completed one at 30:32 so I am already seeing progress!

I’ve been so thrilled with how it’s all going and with the benefits that I have been feeling that I made the decision to sign up for a 10k! It feels a little crazy and out of my reach right now but I’m planning to stick to training and hopefully see it through. I’m not worried about times or pacing. I just want to run every step!

Race day is June 2nd! Wish me luck!!!!